Project Overview

The Cook Cove project has evolved through many iterations since it was first announced by the State Government in 2002. There is now an opportunity for Kogarah Golf Club to develop its land in the north of the site by moving the golf course and clubhouse to the south on land which is currently heavily contaminated and under the care and control of Bayside Council.

The relocation of the Golf Course and Clubhouse will enable the development of new sporting and civic facilities within both the Southern and Northern Precincts in the near term, and provide new homes and jobs for the wider region over the next 5 to 15 years. In total, there will be approximately $400 million of community benefits in public domain, civic and community facilities, and environmental remediation works in both the Northern and Southern Precincts arising from the golf course relocation.

Subject to planning approvals, the Northern Precinct proposal will include the development of a new St George Soccer Stadium with FIFA approved synthetic turf pitch, adjacent playing fields, field lighting, shared bicycle and walking paths along the entirety of the Cooks River foreshore within the precinct, and new civic and cultural facilities.  

The staged redevelopment of the 100 hectare Cook Cove Precinct will occur progressively, with stage one involving a Development Application (DA) for the Southern Precinct of the site (approximately 52ha).

Cook Cove Southern Precinct

The Southern Precinct DA will seek approval for open space works which includes extensive site remediation, environmental improvements, public domain enhancements and a new golf course. 

Subject to the approval of the DA, the entire Southern Precinct will be remediated in accordance with the requirements of a Remediation Action Plan and Site Audit Statement as validated by an independent EPA accredited Site Auditor.

The project aims to reuse excavated natural material sourced from tunnelling works on the WestConnex Project to remediate the Southern Precinct. In conjunction with the construction of an engineered soil capping layer, a groundwater interception and treatment system will be used to reduce the volume of leachate impacted groundwater presently migrating into the Cooks River.

A critical part of the overarching environmental strategy is remediation of heavily contaminated land in the Southern Precinct.

The project will deliver important long-term environmental improvements including:

  • remediation of heavily contaminated land within the Southern Precinct;
  • ecological rehabilitation work to wetlands and saltmarsh; 
  • measures to mitigate further contamination leaching into the Cooks River;
  • creation and improvement of the habitats of the Green and Golden Bell Frogs and migratory wading birds; and
  • construction of new cycling and pedestrian corridors.

The project components of the Southern Precinct Development Application will include: 

  • The relocation of the Kogarah Golf Course, from facilities which date back to 1928 and the original Bonnie Doon Golf Club, to a new 18 hole course and maintenance facility, including a new clubhouse. The new course and facilities will continue to be available to the public.
  • Public domain works which include new and upgraded shared pedestrian / cycle links, a raised boardwalk along the western boundary, new pocket parks and fitness stations, enhancements to the existing Riverine Park Reserve, and a new headland park and bridge over Muddy Creek providing access to Botany Bay.
  • Environmental improvement and alterations to the Landing Lights Wetland, parts of the Spring Street Drain, creation of foraging habitat and ponds for the Green and Golden Bell Frog, planting of additional habitat including salt marshes and reedland.
  • Remediation of the site through the engineered placement of reused excavated natural material in conjunction with a geo-synthetic capping layer and the use of a groundwater interception and treatment system to reduce the volume of leachate impacted groundwater.
  • Remediation of underlying contamination beneath the existing Spring Street, Wetland and subsequent reconstruction into a purpose built saltmarsh habitat conducive to migratory wading birds.
  • Two new viewing decks, one within the Landing Lights Wetlands and one within the Spring Street Wetlands to enhance public access and appreciation.
  • Upgrades to operational infrastructure within the state heritage listed Arncliffe Market Gardens, including retaining walls, hardstands, truck turning area, drainage improvements and perimeter fencing upgrades. Importantly there will be no loss of cultivation of the Arncliffe Market Gardens. The project does not include the Kyeemagh Market Gardens.