Frequently Asked Questions

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+ Why does the proposal plan to relocate the Kogarah Golf Course and Clubhouse?

The Cook Cove project involves relocating the Kogarah Golf Club from their existing facility within the Northern Precinct onto land to be under the care and control of Bayside Council, known as the Southern Precinct.

This relocation is necessary as a first step to enable the redevelopment of the existing golf course land owned by Kogarah Golf Club as the new Cook Cove mixed-use development. The Cook Cove project will provide new homes and jobs for the wider region over the next 5 to 10 years. The relocation of the course will facilitate the widespread remediation of the Southern Precinct and enable the construction of new recreation, sporting, community and civic facilities throughout both the Southern and Northern Precincts.

+ How will the proposal benefit the Bayside LGA and its community?

The rejuvenation of the Cook Cove Precinct will happen over the next 5 to 10 years with the first public benefits from the relocated golf course expected to be seen within 24 months. The redevelopment will contribute to the long term future of the new Bayside local government area and its community.

The relocation of the golf course to a new facility will enable the development of new sporting, community and civic facilities within both the Southern and Northern Precincts in the near term, and provide new homes and jobs for the wider region in accordance with the strategic directions of the Greater Sydney Commission and the Department of Planning and Environment.

In total, there will be more than $200 million of community benefits in the public domain and environment remediation works arising from the golf course relocation.

+ What will happen to the Clubs using the current sporting fields within the Southern Precinct?

The construction of the golf course in the Southern Precinct will mean the temporary relocation of the St George Saints football Club and the current users of the sporting fields. Discussions are presently ongoing with Council and affected users of existing fields. Appropriate temporary relocation to other facilities will take place prior to remediation works commencing in the Southern Precinct.

Moving the golf course to the Southern Precinct will enable a new stadium and new playing fields to be built in the Northern Precinct. The new stadium will be built to Football NSW Premier League standards, and have a FIFA approved synthetic surface. These new improved facilities will be located much closer to public transport than the existing fields, and will better cater to the sporting and recreational needs of the growing local community.

Various community sporting clubs have historically leased portions of Barton Park and Riverine Park as playing fields. Council, community groups and the proponent have worked collectively in recent years to achieve the implementation of the objectives of SREP 33 at Cook Cove, for the benefit of the wider community.

After a lengthy consultation with many community stakeholders, a substantial upgrade of public recreation and open space facilities were designed and delivered at Council’s Bicentennial and Scarborough Parks during 2008 to 2009. These upgrades cost approximately $8 million and were delivered at no cost to Council or the community.

Works Completed as part of Rockdale and Scarborough Park Upgrades Bicentennial Park North

  • Expanded carpark between Bicentennial Park North and Bicentennial Park South
  • Refurbished amenities building
  • New bike rack
  • New signage

Bicentennial Park South

  • New clubhouse and amenities building including a canteen, home and away changing rooms with showers, storage, male, female and accessible toilets
  • Soccer field improvements
  • New fencing
  • Bus set down area on West Botany Street
  • New signage

Bicentennial Park East

  • New amenities building including a canteen, home and away changing rooms with showers, storage, male, female and accessible toilets
  • Provision of three new soccer fields (two fields 100m x 64m and one field 75m x 55m)
  • New soccer goals and line marking
  • New light poles and flood lights
  • Landscaping adjacent to field
  • New fencing
  • New signage

Scarborough Park East

  • Demolition of existing amenities building
  • New amenities building including home and away changing rooms with showers, storage, male, female and accessible toilets.
  • New winter soccer overlay including new soccer goals
  • New light poles and flood lights
  • New signage

Scarborough Park North

  • New amenities building including canteen, playing fields storage, council maintenance storage, home and away changing rooms with showers, and male, female and accessible toilets.
  • Main soccer field improvements
  • New light poles and flood lights
  • New signage

Barton Street Cricket Nets

  • Upgraded cricket nets including new and upgraded turf-style wickets and bowlers run-up
  • New wire ceiling
  • Additional angle parking

Scarborough Park Central

  • Internal refurbishment of existing amenities building including upgrade of showers and creation of new storage
  • New amenities building including male, female and accessible toilets, and council maintenance storage
  • New signage

Scarborough Park South

  • New amenities building including canteen, storage, home and away changing rooms with showers, and male, female and accessible toilets
  • Provision of two full-size baseball fields including diamonds, dugouts, back nets, fencing, scorers facility with an additional junior diamond incorporated into the main field
  • New light poles and flood lights
  • New bike rack
  • New signage

+ What will happen to the current publicly accessible open space within the Southern Precinct?

A key objective of the overall Cook Cove project is to ensure that an appropriate quantum of open space and recreation facilities is delivered both onsite and offsite for the benefit of the local community and that the quality of the open space and recreation facilities are superior to that which currently exists on site. The Southern Precinct proposal includes a variety of public domain upgrades. These are complemented by:

  • The upgrade works already undertaken offsite at Rockdale Bicentennial and Scarborough Parks; and
  • New open space and recreation facilities to be located within the Cook Cove Northern Precinct.

In addition to providing a commitment for the provision of a new stadium and associated playing fields in the Northern Precinct, the Southern Precinct DA proposes a suite of public domain works including:

  • New and upgraded shared pedestrian / cycle links;
  • Construction of new pocket parks, seating and fitness stations along the proposed pedestrian / cycle path network.
  • Construction of a new headland park with a new bridge over Muddy Creek providing access to Botany Bay;
  • Enhancements to the existing Riverine Park, fronting West Botany Street;
  • Creation of a publicly accessible walkway through the new golf course to a purpose built bird watching hide adjacent to the Landing Lights Wetland; and
  • Upgrades to the existing Kyeemagh Reserve, on the eastern side of Muddy Creek.

The proposed public domain works and provision of public open space within the Southern Precinct are intended to be the first stage of a suite of new public recreational facilities, infrastructure and open space to be delivered as part of the overall Cook Cove project. These works will cater to a wide range of age groups and uses, promote public activation of the Cooks River Foreshore and connect with existing public domain and open space surrounding the Southern Precinct. The works will result in superior quality public domain and public amenity. Following the commencement of the Cook Cove project, access will be managed to facilitate the relocation of the golf club into the Southern Precinct and to carry out the public domain enhancements and upgrades. With regard to existing sporting facilities, an overall program will be developed in conjunction with the rezoning process to ensure the staged shift of publicly accessible recreation facilities from the Southern to Northern Precinct to minimise disruption.

+ When will the new golf course be operational?

Pending all necessary approvals, it is intended that works will commence on site in mid-2017 and for the first nine holes, including interim clubhouse facilities of the new golf course, to be open in late 2018, when the golf course has sufficiently grown-in to permit play.

+ Will the new Kogarah Golf Course be open to the public?

The Kogarah Golf Club will continue to be accessible to the public. Tee times will be available upon request. The clubhouse facility will also be publicly accessible and will provide a point of access for the public in utilising the bird watching hide within the Landing Lights Wetlands. Other areas within the Southern Precinct will be available to the public 24hrs 7 days a week and include new and improved illuminated shared pedestrian / cycle ways, pocket parks and fitness stations, Headland Park and Riverine Park and regional connection to Botany Bay.

+ What will happen with the ownership of the Crown land within Barton and Riverine Parks?

It is proposed that Crown land will be consolidated with the adjacent Bayside Council land to create a single recreation precinct under the ownership of Bayside Council.

+ What will be the leasing arrangements for the new Kogarah Golf Course?

Once the land is transferred to Council ownership, it is proposed that the Kogarah Golf Club enter into a 99 year lease for the golf course portion of the Southern Precinct. All areas of public domain will remain under Council ownership and management.

+ How will the proposed redevelopment of the Cook Cove Southern Precinct impact traffic movements in the area?

The Southern Precinct DA includes a Traffic Impact Assessment, incorporating a preliminary Construction Traffic Management Plan. Creation and use of the internal haul road to transport fill will potentially reduce up to 50,000 truck movements from the surrounding roads and area. Future access to the golf course maintenance facility is proposed from West Botany Street and future access to the KGC clubhouse is proposed from Bestic Street. The relocated golf course is not expected to contribute to any increase in traffic movements in the local area as it will replace the existing facility north of the M5 Motorway.

+ How long was the Cook Cove Southern Precinct DA on public exhibition for?

The DA exhibition period was extended by Bayside Council to provide the local community with more time to review the proposal and ran for a period of 65 days (7 December 2016 to 10 February 2017).

+ What is the next stage of the Southern Precinct development?

With the public exhibition period of the Southern Precinct DA now closed, Cook Cove Inlet will prepare a Response to Submission Report. The application will then be assessed by an external independent consultant appointed by Council and the application will be determined by the Sydney Central Planning Panel.

+ How will the Bayside West Precincts Land Use and Infrastructure Strategy impact the Northern Precinct redevelopment?

The Bayside West Precincts Land Use and Infrastructure Strategy released by the Department of Planning and Environment provides a framework for future development in Arncliffe, Banksia and Cook Cove.

In particular, the strategy identifies the Northern Precinct of Cook Cove, as suitable for mixed use and residential development. The strategy recommends additional investigations into how future development within Cook Cove can be a catalyst for providing a new local centre with homes, jobs, shops, cafes and restaurants, in an attractive, liveable and convenient place where people enjoy living, working and visiting. In line with the recommendations of the strategy, Cook Cove Inlet will prepare a masterplan and rezoning within a Planning Proposal to be lodged with Bayside Council in early 2017.

+ What is the proposed timeline for the preparation and lodgement of the proposal for the Northern Precinct?

Cook Cove Inlet will lodge the Northern Precinct Planning Proposal in early 2017, which will include the masterplan and rezoning for the future mixed-use, recreational and sporting facilities.

+ How much public open space will there be available on the Northern Precinct?

Across the Cook Cove Precinct, there will be a mix of open space and public recreation facilities for the benefit of the local community that will be superior in quality and accessibility to that currently available on site. The Southern Precinct will be remediated to address the contamination on site and include a range of new pocket parks, and shared pedestrian/cycle links, upgrades to the existing Kyeemagh Reserve, and publically accessible walkways to Landing Lights Wetland and other areas of public interest. The Kogarah Golf Club will continue to be accessible to the general public as it always has been, including the new clubhouse facilities.

In the Northern Precinct there will be a range of high quality public domain and open space improvements, including a new NSW Premier League grade stadium with seating for 750 people, FIFA standard synthetic playing fields, and cycling and pedestrian links. The new facilities will help support the growing local community and provide for greater regional connectivity in line with the Bayside West Precincts Land Use and Infrastructure Strategy (LUIS).

The final quantum of open space to be available within the Northern Precinct will be determined in the masterplanning process as part of a needs analysis. Further details about the Northern Precinct will be released in early 2017.

+ When will the new public domain and community facilities on the Northern Precinct be available to the community?

Under the Bayside West Precincts LUIS, Cook Cove Inlet is required to deliver the Football Stadium, playing fields and other public domain and community facilities before we receive a construction certificate to begin any residential development. This means that the public will have access to new community facilities before any buildings are constructed on the Northern Precinct.

+ Will any of the wetlands in the Southern Precinct be affected by relocation of the golf course?

The Southern Precinct of Cook Cove is contaminated and requires remediation before the Golf Course can be relocated. By remediating the Southern Precinct including the Landing Lights Wetland and surrounding saltmarsh and mangroves, the project will rehabilitate and create new habitats for endangered Green and Golden Bell Frogs and migratory wading birds, and help to prevent further contamination leaching into the Cooks River. The Spring Street Wetland, which has been formed artificially over landfill, will be removed as part of the proposal due its limited ecological value. Eve Street Wetlands are not affected by the proposal.

+ What measures are being taken to protect the wetlands, the heritage-listed Market Gardens, and the surrounding environment in the Southern Precinct?

The wetlands will be rehabilitated in accordance with a Remediation Action Plan and a Wetlands Plan of Management, and be maintained by Kogarah Golf Club over the 99 year lease period.

The plan will seek to address the contamination on site and thereby rehabilitate the wetlands, including surrounding saltmarsh and mangroves. This will also enable the creation new ecological habitats for endangered species in the Southern Precinct, including additional saltmarsh and mangrove planting.

No heritage structures in the Arncliffe Market Gardens will be altered, but upgrades will be made to operational infrastructure.

+ How will feedback from the public exhibition of the Bayside West Precincts Land Use and Infrastructure Strategy (LUIS) inform the planning for the Southern and Northern Precincts?

The Cook Cove Southern Precinct proposal is already under assessment with Bayside Council. In due course, the Southern Precinct DA will include a response to submission which will provide a response to issues raised by the public submissions and to provide a response to specific provisions for the Southern Precinct contained within the LUIS.

It is expected that the Department of Planning and Environment will collate a response to the submissions made on the LUIS. Comments specifically in relation to Cook Cove project will be addressed in the Planning Proposal rezoning to be submitted in early 2017.

+ Will Cook Cove Inlet continue to consult with the local community?

Yes. During the masterplanning process, Cook Cove Inlet intends to undertake further consultation with key stakeholders and the community to seek their input in relation to the structure of the Northern Precinct, with a focus on the new recreation and sporting facilities to be provided to the community.

+ Will the Arncliffe Market Gardens be affected by the proposal?

Cook Cove Inlet is investing $320,000 in the Arncliffe Market Gardens to improve the overall viability of the Gardens and ensure that the operators can continue to provide for the local area into the future. The proposal includes new fencing, on-site relocation of temporary (non-heritage) structures, truck turning facilities, and new drainage, which will prevent parts of the Market Gardens site from flooding. It also includes a boundary realignment of generally uncultivated land. This land will be used predominately for the creation of new Saltmarsh habitat adjacent to the Landing Lights Wetlands.

The upgrade works and the boundary realignment was agreed to by the landowner, and are the same as those approved by Council and the NSW Office and Environment and Heritage (previously the NSW Heritage Council) following extensive consultation, including with the National Trust, in 2008. The landowner’s representative and the tenant met with Cook Cove Inlet Pty Ltd in mid-2016 to reaffirm the 2008 arrangements.

+ Will there be appropriate buffers in place to create separation between migratory wading birds and other species from golfers?

The proposed golf course layout has been designed in collaboration with ecologists to ensure appropriate separation to the Landing Lights Wetlands. The golf holes adjacent to the Landing Lights Wetland will include bio-swales that prevent runoff from greens and fairways into the saltmarsh habitat. In addition, 1.71ha of new and additional saltmarsh habitat will be created, largely consolidated adjacent to Muddy Creek. This will create new opportunities to attract wading birds to a different part of the site.

It is also important to note that, locating the golf course near the wetlands and migratory birds has been considered on several occasions by the relevant environmental agencies. For example, development approval was granted for the relocation of the golf course to the southern precinct by Council in December 2006. As part of the approval, the various NSW State environmental agencies reviewed the proposal and provided their terms of approval to council.

The impact of the proposal on migratory birds has also been considered twice by the Commonwealth Department of Environment under the provisions of the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999. The Commonwealth department provided an approval for the entire Cooks Cove project on 15 June 2007. On 18 October 2016, the Department concluded that the proposal was ‘not a controlled action’ and that the southern precinct proposal did not require any further consideration by the Commonwealth on ecological matters.

Both the construction and ongoing operation of the golf course will need to be consistent with a Wetlands Plan of Management that is required to be approved by Council and the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage.

+ Will there be any flood impacts on the Landing Lights Wetland?

The DA includes detailed flood modelling on both the on-site wetlands and adjacent properties. The modelling, which is consistent with Council guidelines and existing Council flood modelling for the broader area, demonstrates that the filling proposed can be undertaken in a form and manner that retains the appropriate hydrological balance in the Landing Lights Wetland. The Spring Street Wetlands in its current form does not have a substantial flood storage capacity and there is a balance of cut and fill across the site to ensure any off-site flood impacts are negligible.

Moreover, the proposal includes a number of new waterbodies and new wetland habitats which contribute to water storage. For example, the proposal includes the establishment of around 1.71ha of new Saltmarsh habitat that will provide new ecological habitat as well as assist with improving the water quality of the site.

Landowner's consent will be sought concurrently with the assessment of the DA application. This approach can be taken when State and/or Council's land is involved. There have been ongoing discussions with the state government landoweners and Bayside Council.